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AluExcel is one of the leading aluminium edging systems suitable for sharply defining edging where different surfaces meet.

The system offers many great advantages

• It is ideal as edging between different landscape surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete, granite chippings, stone setts, grass and plant beds

• It is used...Go to product


AquaAirbox™ can be used for delaying and percolation of rainwater, plus it is ideal for locations where the water table is high or where the fascine/gabion must be close to the surface it covers.

The cassette can also be used as an irrigation and breather system for trees that have...Go to product


The Aquaton™ underground water storage chamber is both stronger and more durable than the traditional cubic chamber.

The Aquaton™ series includes 4 chamber size options with volume capacities ranging from 0.88m3 to 3.08m3 per chamber.

Other chamber types are available for extra deep installations, as well as chambers made of...Go to product

Aquaton™ AT310-740

Når et LAR anlæg skal projekteres, er systemets pladsforbrug i forhold til dets effektive volumen af afgørende betydning. Jo større effektiv volumen anlægget kan præstere, des mere regnvand kan afledes.

Da Milford introducerede den revolutionerende tunnelfaskine – Aquaton™ – på det skandinaviske marked var det i første omgang primært til...Go to product

ArborFlow 100

Dette nye innovative produkt tilføjer et nyt værktøj til landskabsarkitektens redskabskasse. Et modulært træplantningssystem specifikt designet til at give vedvarende og målbare fordele i forbindelse med regnvandshåndteringen, hvor der plantes træer i befæstede arealer.

Afstrømningen trækker ned i Arborflow’s collector-kanal, hvor den første filtrering finder sted, og derpå ind i...Go to product


ArborMesh™ vandingsnet er en enkel og innovativ måde at forbedre vækstvilkårene for det nyplantede bytræ.

ArborMesh™ er skabt i en kraftig ikke-vævet geotekstil med 90% porøsitet, der fungerer som et reservoir omkring rodklumpen.

Brugt i forbindelse med et konventionelt vandingssystem, så som RootRain™ eller vandingspose, vil ArborMesh™ distribuere vandet dér,...Go to product

ArborResin belægning

ArborResin is a porous tree pit surfacing treatment of resin bonded stones for tree pits of all sizes.

Traditional loose stones and gravel are poor solutions for pedestrian zones. Asphalt and paving remain fixed but create a watertight "cover" around the tree pit and inhibit growth.

With ArborResin, stones are...Go to product


Let bespoke tree grilles be the last piece of a one-off project

Some projects require more than standard tree grilles to provide a perfect finishing touch. We fabricate bespoke grilles to suit the specific dimensions and designs of our clients.

Architects can have the opportunity to make their personal mark...Go to product

ART 100

Elegant design and raw strength

Art 100 is designed for medium-sized and large green wall projects with requirements for strength and flexibility. It is the ideal system for tall walls of domestic or industrial buildings which require even and well controlled green walls.

The advantages of it are that it:...Go to product

ART 124

Solid wire system for large wall planting projects

ART 124 sets new standards within the field of creative green walls. It is designed for large plants and places with challenging and differing building and wall types. It is available in three different versions for 3, 5 and 7 wires.

The...Go to product

ART 40

Discrete elegance

Art 40 is an ideal solution for small green wall projects. Its compact stainless steel design proves that the simplest solutions are often the most beautiful.

The advantages of it are that it:

• Is suitable for smaller projects or private gardens where other models may be too...Go to product

ART 60

Stylish design

Art 60 is a stylish system designed for smaller and medium-sized green wall projects, including climbing plants. As with ART 90, 100 and 124, wire tensioners are used to ensure taut wires.

The advantages of it are that it:

• Has spacers that are easy and quick to...Go to product

ART 90

Functional aestetic

Immaculate design and dimensioning makes ART 90 one of our most popular systems for medium-sized green wall projects. Tall, fast-growing climbing plants can combine with its clear and classic lines to transform a simple wall into a botanical creation via simple means.

The advantages of it are that...Go to product


BindTec™ is based on an ecofriendly non-toxic biomass product. In contrast to other methods, neither epoxy nor asphalt is used. This eliminates many of the challenges common to establishing outdoor resin bonded stone surfaces.

The system offers great advantages, such as

• Extremely wear resistant
• Flexible, also at...Go to product


Borderline is the ideal steel edging solution for a discrete but efficient and long-term lawn and bed edging.

It is available in three versions:

Untreated steel
Galvanised steel
Brown painted steel

Unique joining and fixing method makes it quicker and easier to install than other variants on the market and...Go to product

Canyon 2.0™

L-formet rende i alu-zink. Renden er åben imod soklen. Gitterrist i galvaniseret stål med forstærket kantstål. Konsollen er formstøbt i hård plast.

Canyon 2.0 er ideel til montering omkring bygninger, hvor der er krav om niveaufri adgang samt minimum 150 mm fri sokkel.

Canyon 2.0™ er fremstillet i alu-zink, for...Go to product


Canyon™ is designed to solve the challenges surrounding level access to buildings in accordance with building regulations and approved practices.

The unique advantages of the system are

• It is the quickest and most economic threshold channel solution for meeting level access requirements around buildings

• The system is easily...Go to product


Watering bags have become popular and widely used as irrigation systems for newly planted trees. They excel by being quick to fill, reducing irrigation man-hours and ensuring slow and even irrigation.

Studies indicate that trees irrigated with irrigation bags grow better than trees watered by conventional surface irrigation....Go to product


Colorado is a robust, modern, good quality, cast ion tree grille, with a solid MILPLUS frame. Supplied painted black as standard.

Standard dimensions: 1200x1200mm (outside frame dimensions).

Also available custom made.Go to product

Contrast Freestyle

Be creative with Contrast Freestyle and let inspiration form plant beds, paths and parks, without compromising on the superior strength of steel.

Contrast Freestyle is available with a 3 - 10mm thickness and up to 800mm high in three versions:

Untreated steel
Corten steel
Galvanized steel

The system offers great...Go to product

Contrast Original

The Contrast series is the most solid landscape edging system of the MILKANT family. The solid steel profiles are extremely strong and suitable for division of level differences. Strength is also a vital requirement for areas with heavy traffic or heavy load.

However, the Contrast series is more than pure...Go to product


Today, safe and child-friendly edging systems are a central requirement of many projects - especially for playgrounds, schools and parks.

Dakota is designed in such a manner that only the upper tubular part of the edging is visible, resulting in a soft, yet distinct line between the two different...Go to product


DeepGreen™ er en målrettet totalløsning med unikke fordele i din projektering:

• Kombination af regnvand og træer
• Unikt beregningsværktøj, udviklet i samarbejde med SWECO
• Præcis beregning, baseret på en specifik lokalitet
• Gør det muligt at dimensionere til forskellige gentagelsesperioder
• Nyeste bearbejdning af...Go to product

Duckbill DTS

The DuckBill System DTS guy fixing system, is designed for attachment of larger trees with a trunk diameter of more than 10cm.

The system is typically used for replanted trees that are too big to be tied up to stakes or fixed below ground. It is a temporary solution that...Go to product

DuckBill RBKS

The DuckBill RBKS system allows trees with solid root balls to be fixed via a hidden below ground system.

Via three ground anchors and a quality-tested belt with ratchet strainer, a root ball can be effectively and discretely fixed.

Advantages of DuckBill RBKS

• No visible poles or guys

•...Go to product


The Exact™ threshold channel is designed for areas with requirements for excellent drainage and a solid, skid-proof surface and is available in 3 different grille types.

The advantages of Exact™ are that

• It is a durable drainage solution with a great finish

• It is ideal for many purposes,...Go to product


FocalPoint™ er et fuldt ud skalerbart biofiltreringssystem, hvor en ekstremt hydrodynamisk jodstruktur kombineres med et underjordisk højkapacitets-
dræn med tilslutning til forsinkelsesbassin, nedsivning eller udledning til recipient.

FocalPoint™ er et komplet, integreret system med krævende forudsætninger, som sikrer funktionalitet, vedvarende præstationer og et minimum af vedligeholdelse.

Den unikke opbygning...Go to product


Geocomposite-membrane™is an integral part of the StrataCell™ system, whose primary function is to prevent the surface above the StrataCell™ construction from subsiding. The membrane also prevents external soil and particles from mixing with soil in a tree pit.

The high breaking load of the Geocomposite-membrane™ is achieved by using non-woven,...Go to product

Geonet til RootSpace™

Geonet til RootSpace™ er et formstabilt net i svejset PET eller PP, designet til at modstå vertikalt pres og træk uden af deformere.

Geonet til RootSpace™ giver ekstra stabilitet og styrke ved sideværts belastninger og er en integreret del af RootSpace™ systemet.

Geonet til RootSpace™ forhindrer effektivt omkringliggende jord og...Go to product


GF20 is a flexible grass reinforcement solution, which is installed in the sub-base like conventional grass reinforcement, or directly on top of the grass carpet without any kind of preparatory work.

The advantages of GF20 are that it:

• Has a low profile (just 24mm high)

• Can be...Go to product


GRIP™ er en kileformet kantholder, fremstillet i ekstruderet plast, som placeres løst på bund-opbygningen eller underlaget. Kantafgræsningen – uanset om der anvendes stål, aluminium eller et kompositmateriale – placeres helt enkelt i holderen og nivelleres på plads ved brug af plastkiler.

Herefter indbygges eventuelt bærelag og belægningen færdiggøres, og der...Go to product


iOflo™ vandbremse er designet til brug med faskiner, plantehuller og andre forsinkelsessystemer, for at sikre et konstant udløb fra 0,1 l/s og opefter.

Integreret ”anti–clog–stang” forhindrer at vandbremsen tilstoppes af sediment og partikler. Indbygget overløbsrør giver overløbssikring i tilfælde af, at forsinkelses-
systemet eller plantehullet bliver fyldt.

iOflo™ fås...Go to product

KerbCell CUBIC™

KerbCell CUBIC™ – til indbygning i kantstenen – er udviklet til at regulere tilstrømning til LAR-anlæg, regnbede og plantehuller i de perioder, hvor veje og stier saltes.

KerbCell CUBIC™ har integreret sandfangsbrønd, som tilbageholder affald, blade og grovsediment fra overfladeafstrømningen før vandet ledes videre til bedet.

KerbCell CUBIC™ fås i...Go to product

KerbCell LINEAR™

Løser bl.a. problemet med vejsalt i forbindelse med LAR anlæg

KerbCell LINEAR™ er en enkel slusekonstruktion med to hovedfunktioner:

Om sommeren bruges KerbCell LINEAR™ til at aflede nedbør til nedsivningsområder og beplantede arealer, samt reducere belastningen af kloakken i tilfælde af skybrud.

Om vinteren bruges KerbCell LINEAR™ til at...Go to product


Mesa is a classic and practical cast iron tree grille. Its solid, robust design makes it highly suitable for urban areas with heavy traffic. Its high quality surface treatment and robust frame ensures long-lasting performance.

Supplied painted black as standard.

Standard dimensions: 1000x1000, 1200x1200 and 1500x1500mm (outside frame dimensions)....Go to product

Modular Wetlands

Modular Wetlands™ er et gennembrud indenfor LAR teknologi. Systemet er det eneste biofiltreringssystem, der udnytter et så kaldet ”horisontal-flow”, som er et helt nyt patenteret princip med et mindre fodaftryk og en større rensningskapacitet.

Hvor de fleste regnbede benytter en beskeden, eller slet ingen præ-filtrering, har Modular Wetlands™ et avanceret...Go to product