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Mojave is a popular tree protection product with a classic design, coordinating with both historical and modern architecture. It is available in two standard sizes and is also available custom made.

Advantageous locations for Mojave include

• Pedestrian zones with a large number of bicycles

• Bus stops, school yards...Go to product


MuldVarp™ is designed to secure newly planted trees with a solid root ballfixing, until roots have matured. The system is hidden underground, where it slowly degrades to organic material.

MuldVarp™ is made of potato starch, a by-product from the food industry and is 100% biodegradable according to EN13432 and ASTM...Go to product

NS50 Superior

NS50 is an ideal solution for protecting and stabilizing green surfaces such as fire escape routes, parking areas, racecourses and heliports.

With a load capacity of up to 600t/m², NS50 Superior is the best solution for heavy traffic areas.

NS50 ensures superior protection of the grass vegetation and the...Go to product


Tree anchoring is often the preferred method but tying to stakes may be considered advantageous after tree size, location and the probability of vandalism or wind damage are taken into account.

We have a wide variety of tree tie products including:

100% polyester tree tie belt – the most frequently...Go to product


Outline is a steel edging system without sharp edges, suitable for areas with children and elderly people. Outline is suitable for public parks, school yards, playgrounds, nursing homes and pedestrian areas.

It is the first mass produced steel edging system in Scandinavia, made with innovative section rolling technology, which...Go to product


RBG system for subsurface attachment on roof gardens.

Roof gardens are reknowned for only having a limited soil volume and so trees with a solid root ball cannot be fixed with standard ground anchors.

The RBG system includes a robust belt with ratchet strainers attached to a mesh reinforcement (not...Go to product


The ReRoot root barrier is designed for scenarios where the protection of underground installations and surrounding surfaces have to be taken into account. Its vertical ribs direct tree roots down into deeper layers of soil away from the surface and minimise the risk of damage.

It can be used along...Go to product


Use Resorb+™ as a soil conditioner – primarily to increase the soil water and fertiliser retention capacity.

Preliminary tests indicate that Resob+TM can absorb up to 6+% of its own weight in moisture. At a dosage level of 33 grams of Resorb+TM per kilogram of soil, this equates to an...Go to product


Roof gardens are a specialist area and consideration of the amount of imposed load and its effect on them is a necessary. Our engineers have removed superfluous material from RoofEdge, without compromising strength and functionality.

The system has several unique advantages

• Quick and easy to install, due to simple...Go to product


RootDirector is injection-moulded in a single piece and available in two sizes. The module is fast and easy to install and made to incorporate the RootRain irrigation and ventilation system.

It is designed to ensure deep root growth for increased tree stability and decreased vulnerability in dry periods. The grooved...Go to product

RootRain PRT/PRC

The RootRain PRT (cast aluminium) and PRC (cast iron) systems are developments of RootRain Urban and designed for use in central urban areas with special requirements for extra strength and permanent irrigation and ventilation systems.

RootRain Urban has an inlet of PE plastic and RootRain PRT and PRC have a...Go to product


RootRain PRTG (cast aluminium) and PRCG (cast iron) systems offer architects and designers the option of integrating an irrigation and ventilation system in a tree grille itself.

RootRain PRTG/PRCG is designed for installation in a tree grille and includes a locking mechanism, ensuring a solid connection. The cast aluminium or...Go to product


The systems RootRain PRTS (cast aluminium) and PRCS (cast iron) are developments of RootRain Urban and designed for use in central urban areas with special requirements for extra strong, permanent irrigation and ventilation systems.

RootRain Urban has an inlet of PE-plastic and RootRain PRTS and PRCS have a metal inlet...Go to product

RootRain Urban

RootRain Urban is the leading underground large capacity irrigation system. Its integrated inlets are made of robust PE-plastic and are strimmer resistant. A grille prevents ingress of litter and debris, while water gains free access to the root zone.

RootRain Urban is an economic and long-term irrigation and ventilation system....Go to product

RootRain X2

RootRain X2 is a larger irrigation and ventilation system for trees in urban areas with impermeable surfaces.

The root network of a normal urban tree often expands significantly over a number of good years of growth and requires more irrigation than when it was first planted. With a diameter of...Go to product


RootSpace™, modulært rodvenligt bærelagssystem med integreret vandings- og udluftningstilslutning i låget.

Systemet består af sidemoduler, der låses sammen for at danne en robust, åben matrixstruktur. Sidemodulerne har plads til gennemføring af rør i op til 250 mm diameter.

Airflow™ (låget) danner et fast luftlag over plantehullet, og tillader dermed vand...Go to product


Sahara ductile cast iron tree grilles have a modern, stylish design meeting high aesthetic and quality levels.

Raw ductile cast iron becomes rust red through light surface oxidation.

The series is available in different standard formats, with round and square centre holes. The grilles are also available painted on request....Go to product

Sahara træbeskytter

Sahara is tree protection designed to match the series of Sahara tree grilles. It is made of robust untreated steel and can be delivered in a painted version on request. It is available in two standard sizes and also in bespoke versions.

Advantageous locations for Sahara include

• Pedestrian zones...Go to product


Stort set alle tagterrasser og taghaver anlægges på en fast konstruktion med hældning mod dræn og afløb. Montering af en traditionel rende på et skrånende underlag er både besværlig og unødig tidskrævende.

SLOPE™ er designet specifikt til at håndtere denne problemstilling. Rendens højde justeres ved monteringen, så den står stabilt...Go to product


StormPit™ – Let nature do the work

StormPit™ from Milford has been developed as a simple but highly effective method to direct surface runoff to the tree root zone.

Just as with a standard catch basin, the StormPit™ is equipped with a silt trap, and a hinged cast iron grate...Go to product


StrataCell™ is a modular system made of units that together form a completely integrated construction to support surfacing and make large amounts of uncompressed soil accessible for root growth.

Older methods used a stone and soil combination to support of surfacing and to improve root growth. StrataCell™ revolutionises the principle...Go to product


TL4000, with a load capacity of up to 350 t/m², is the right solution for grass areas, trails, parking areas etc.

This product was developed to create a structure that could protect and ensure grass root development and growth in vehicular areas. We achieved this by integrating openings in...Go to product


Tundra galvanised steel tree grille is designed with a focus on clean and minimalistic features. Made from durable galvanized steel, it only requires a minimum of maintenance.

Standard dimensions: 1200x1200mm (outside frame dimensions).

Also available custom made.Go to product


Wave is made from recycled aluminium and is an economic and environmentally friendly edging system suitable for a large number of purposes.

It can be used to create clear lines between grass and plant beds or for demarcation of gravel roads or other porous surfaces.

Wave offers a number of...Go to product