Landscape architect at Milford

We extend a hearty welcome to landscape architect Martin Theill Johansen as he joins us in Milford!

Martin Theill Johansen comes directly from SLA, where he has worked quite a lot with how outdoor areas, streets and city squares can be made more “green,” and with better quality in the plantings.

“For me, to a high degree, a successful planting means that the plants have room to grow and unfurl. In the city, where there is congestion both above and below ground, it is essential to link knowledge, know-how and functional products in order to establish plantings, so that they are resilient to the city’s extreme challenges – while simultaneously adding an attractive added value for the people who are present moving about the city,” explains Martin Theill Johansen.

At SLA, he has also been involved in the detailed design and project planning stage of the Bryggervangen and St. Kjeld Plads project, which is Copenhagen’s first climate district and a beacon for how future climate-adapted urban spaces are created.

In addition to SLA, for several years Martin Theill Johansen has been employed as a landscape architect at Schønherr, and thus has his background from Denmark’s two largest landscape design studios.

Martin Theill Johansen has received his academic education in landscape architecture from the University of Copenhagen, having obtained a Master of Science of Landscape Architecture (MDL) degree.

At Milford, Martin Theill Johansen will contribute very actively, in particular with LAR and storm water management as well as landscape architecture.

With Martin on board, we will now be able to create customised CAD drawings to your specific project, and now to an even greater extent be able to offer detailed project consultancy and expertise. It’s going to be great!