Surfacing Systems


Innovative systems for permeable surfacing and solid reinforcement of grass vegetation

Permeable surfacing has become a popular solution. It is flexible, economic and considerate to adjacent root systems beneath it. A permeable surfacing system can be easily installed and offers a stable, durable and aesthetic surface that allows for aeration and rainwater infiltration.

Grass vegetation can be reinforced with our grass reinforcement systems.

Grass is naturally robust, but permanent heavy loads from walking and driving traffic may result in adverse growing conditions.

Innovative and ecofriendly product for popular permeable aggregate surfacing

The field of permeable aggregate surfacing or ‘stone carpets’ with binding agents like epoxy or asphalt requires innovation. Through the BindTec™ product we have introduced an ecofriendly alternative, which is not only ecofriendly but also stronger than traditional systems and easier to work with. The product is well tested and results indicate that BindTec™ is superior in all areas.


Protect exposed grass areas with grass reinforcement systems made with eco-friendly recyclable plastic

MILFORCE grass reinforcement systems are the ideal solution for green and stable driveways, fire lanes, parking spaces, footpaths, playgrounds and the like.

MILFORCE offers efficient protection for grass vegetation and increases wearing qualities and grass can grow well.

NS50 Superior