Advanced root-friendly base system for plant pits


StrataCell™ is a modular system made of units that together form a completely integrated construction to support surfacing and make large amounts of uncompressed soil accessible for root growth.

Older methods used a stone and soil combination to support of surfacing and to improve root growth. StrataCell™ revolutionises the principle by using less than 6% of a cubic area for its own structure, whereas a stone and soil method uses approximately 75% of the area, which means that the roots only have 25% to grow in.

StrataCell™ modules are designed to withstand enormous vertical loads and elevate tree root systems to higher soil layers. The total StrataCell™ construction is FEA-tested to withstand a vertical load of more than 550kPa. Engineer calculations indicate that with only 300mm surfacing depth above StrataCell™ the combined construction has a load capacity large enough to support maximum traffic loads.