Milford gives donation to Nordic Fund for Urban trees


Milford has donated 10,000 kr. to Nordic Fund for Urban trees.

The foundation aims include "support research and development of city trees growing, planting and care in the Nordic region. Additionally, it is desired to strengthen new initiatives that can stimulate the appropriate use of trees for the construction of new trees."

Thomas B Randrup, researcher and professor at SLU and NMBU and President of the Nordic Fund for Urban trees says:
"We are very pleased and proud that Milford choose to support future research and development in the field. Nordic Fund for Urban trees look forward to future cooperation with Milford - with the desire for closer cooperation on developing technical solutions for the benefit of the trees."

Focus on the trees in cities and their well-being is also what Milford is working dedicated on. Wyatt Harding, CEO of Milford, reasons the donation to the Nordic Fund for Urban trees as follows:
"We want more trees in the city and are also very focused on the well-being of the trees. Therefore, we support the Nordic Fund for Urban trees. Cities with many trees - and healthy trees, bear in mind, with proper growing conditions, benefits the residents in so many ways. We have a great passion for developing systems and products that can make the city a better place to be. The dream scenario is a Scandinavia that is the standard bearer of green cities and Green Streets."

Milford has for years been known as a leading supplier of quality systems for successful planting of trees in cities, border demarcation, planting on walls and more. The know-how is now used to develop Green Streets-products that can help handle future large quantities of rainwater as a result of climate change.

"Most people know today that a healthy vegetation is one of the keys to a sustainable global climate. We know that we need to learn from nature, be better to develop renewable energy and finding ways to produce and recycle more responsibly. It is a development that is already in progress, and we must ensure that it continues and accelerates by showing new and better roads. We must let the green visions grow!," says Wyatt Harding.

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