Innovative and ecofriendly product for popular permeable aggregate surfacing


BindTec™ is based on an ecofriendly non-toxic biomass product. In contrast to other methods, neither epoxy nor asphalt is used. This eliminates many of the challenges common to establishing outdoor resin bonded stone surfaces.

The system offers great advantages, such as

• Extremely wear resistant
• Flexible, also at low temperatures
• Clear resin binding agent gives the paving a beautiful contrast
• No solvents
• No harmful fumes, during or after installation
• Ecofriendly, granted our own Sustain+ certification
• Used for both driving and walking traffic
• Easy to remove from working tools
• Ultra strong adhesion

Use BindTec™ for driveways, walking and biking trails, light-traffic roads, fancy estates, parks and gardens, urban areas etc.