Edging Systems

MilKant landscape edging systems

Clearly defined lines give a project essential contrast and detail

Lines and dimensions are essential when designing a project. Using permeable paving and vegetation will cause constant change, through growth and wear.

Landscape edging systems are important, as they enable the original expression of a design to be maintained and ensure that designed lines and curves remain well defined. A building project is an investment for a client and an important reference for an architect. Solid edging systems contribute to the maintenance of the project for many years to come, with minimum care.

MilKANT is a series of landscape edging products, made of aluminium, steel or polyethylene (PE) recyclable plastic. It is the result of close cooperation with landscape architects, contractors and horticulturalists on a large number of high profile projects.

MilKANT landscape edging systems combine a high degree of functionality with superior wear resistance and aesthetic design. Due to the range of materials available, products can be found to fit all kinds of projects and urban environments.

Flexible, multi-purpose aluminium edging systems

Our aluminium landscape edging systems are suitable for defining the edges of different landscape surfaces, be they hard or soft.

These systems also help to prevent hard surface edges from becoming damaged. This is a common problem, particularly in the case of asphalt.


Robust steel edging with both finish and brute strength for demanding projects

Steel models are the most robust edging systems of the MILKANT family. One of the most essential features of the solid sections is strength, which makes them extremely suitable for level difference division. Strength is also required in areas with heavy traffic and other heavy load.

Steel edging systems also offer more than brute strength. Steel edging is visible over level differences and enhances the visual expression.

Contrast Freestyle
Contrast Original

Child-friendly edging systems, with a PE recyclable plastic upper edge safety feature

Safe, child-friendly edging is important in school playgrounds and parks. One of our products, Dakota, has a unique design feature, a tubular PE upper edge. Unlike steel and aluminium, it has a safer rounded edging and can reduce the risk of injury through falls.