About Milford

Velkommen til Milford, leverandør af professionelle systemer til forbedring af byrum og landskab

Milford samarbejder med arkitekter, ingeniører, entreprenører, bygherrer og anlægsgartnere i bestræbelsen på at skabe forbedret miljø og trivsel i byzonerne i hele Skandinavien.

Vores knowhow omfatter bl.a. kvalitetssystemer til plantning af bytræer, kantafgrænsning, vægbeplantning og meget mere.

Vi har stor passion for at udvikle systemer og produkter, der kan gøre storbyen til et bedre sted at være. Grøn vegetation på steder, hvor pladsen er trang, er blot ét af vores specialer.

Kig dig omkring på hjemmesiden her og tøv endelig ikke med at kontakte os, hvis du har brug for sparring...

Let green visions grow...

Milford facilitates knowledge transfer and delivers sustainable solutions for the improvement of the urban environment throughout Scandinavia.

Our product range includes systems for planting trees in urban situations, edging systems, threshold channels, rainwater management, surface systems and green walls. All products are the result of close cooperation with leading architects, landscape architects, engineers, arboriculturalists and horticulturalists.

Products continue to be improved through dialogue and follow-up on projects in terms of design, function, durability and ease of installation. Everything is discussed, from the smallest component to the way in which the elements are stacked for transport.

As cities grow we endeavor to develop and improve products and systems to cope with varying requirements.

The urban environment requires more vegetation, stylish parks with tasteful design and new methods for efficient rainwater management. Understanding how urban life and vegetation interact is crucial for the long-term success of green space, urban parks and underground installations.

We participate in setting standards for future urban areas through efficient knowledge sharing and practical experience.

A vision for urban environment of the future

Cities are the collective power centres of society. In them evolve great ideas, projects, social relations and cultural communities. Different configurations of a city can attract all kinds of people able to change the future of its entire population. Space is one of the most important amenities of a city.

Individuals have to exist alongside millions of others and still have room to think, to evolve new ideas and to breathe fresh, clean air. The concentration of many creates just as many challenges as it does opportunities.

The urban environment of the future is vibrant but not noisy. It is busy, but not hectic. It is energetic but not polluting. In it consideration lies next to ambition, technology next to nature merged in a self-adjusting circuit that keeps it and its hinterland in perfect balance. From its energy supply to its refuse disposal, there is harmony between ’costs’ and ’profits’. The term sustainability is just as natural as it once was new.

We aim to contribute to this vision with our love for the tree, the most important resource, in the urban environment. Locally and globally we seek to inspire new sustainable ideas and thoughts. We seek to make this information and knowledge more accessible. We seek to develop and deliver systems that improve conditions for trees in urban environments and ease implementation as well as making implementation more economic.

We do not believe there is need for a radical change of attitude. Most people know that healthy vegetation is one of the keys to a healthy global climate. We know that we need to learn from nature, become better at developing sustainable energy forms and find methods for producing and reusing in a more responsible manner. This development has already started and we need to make sure that it continues and accelerates by through new or improved methods.

We need to make sustainable green visions grow!

A global partnership of knowledge and experience

In order to constantly increase our knowledge, as well as reinforce our regional position, it is important for us to gain experience from other parts of the world. We cooperate internationally with like-minded companies orientated towards and specialist in the sustainability of cities. This cooperation is based on global knowledge sharing and is beyond local conflicts of interest.

The continued development of improved landscape systems is of benefit to all partners and allows our clients in the Scandinavian market to access some of the world's best landscape products and systems catering for all kinds of urban vegetation. The partnership also includes research and development test facilities for testing new ideas, prototypes and principles.

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